Find Out Popular Paint Finishes You Can Expect From Renowned Residential Painting Contractors In Merrimack NH

Choosing a suitable paint for your next home improvement project is more overwhelming than just identifying the right colors. You will always have to decide on the type of paint finish to use once you select the most suitable shade for your properties. Paints come in a wide range of varieties that include super shiny, matte and flat finishes. Paints with glossier finish come with high resin levels and less pigmentation while matte paints contain less resin and more pigmentation. It is imperative to work with reliable painting experts to pick the right finishes for your home. The discussion below gives you an overview of popular finishes that residential painting contractors in Merrimack NH can help you choose.

High Gloss

High gloss gives homeowners the most durable finish for all surfaces in residential apartments. It comes with a hard finish, which makes cleaning easy and maintenance cheap for you. High gloss finishes are always shiny and reflect light that illuminates the darkest places in poorly lit rooms. We also encourage you to choose such a finish for your cabinets, trim, furniture and doors for easy wiping without dulling the color or shine.


Semi-gloss paints come next in the durability scale as finishes that last for an extended period on any apartment. Although it is relatively less shiny than the high gloss, it withstands cleaning and washing due to its guaranteed durability. As your trusted residential painters, we use such a finish for walls since it is slightly more matte for a perfect appearance. This finish will be ideal for areas like bathrooms and kitchens where drips or moisture is an issue. We can also use it in rooms that you will need to clean regularly such as children bedrooms.

Satin Finish

We always encourage homeowners to choose this finish for spaces that need a more matte appearance without compromising the durability aspect. Satin finishes are easy to clean and homeowners can wipe down without damaging the paints. Also, it comes as a versatile option that is perfect for resisting stains, mildew and dirt. Contact us whenever you need reliable exterior painters near me for such a finish in areas that experience huge traffic such as children’s rooms, hallways, family rooms, and foyers.

Eggshell Finish

This finish acquired the name from its appearance which makes it resemble eggshell whenever you apply it on surfaces. It comes with some bits of matte with subtle shine that places it somewhere between matte and satin. However, we advise you to avoid aggressive scrubbing on this finish as it has medium durability. We mainly use it in areas that do not experience high traffic with minimal scuffs and bumps.

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